Why I Heart My Media

As for why I love my media is such a simple yet complex question. The possibilities in the media are limitless for everyone. Growing up, I always found it difficult to make friends who would take care of me, and some of my “friends” often made me feel very insecure until I started to believe the things they said. But as I got older, I started using social media more often, especially Facebook. I created random fan pages about things that I found particularly interesting and fun at the time, and people my age started looking at these fan pages even if they had notably poor and shoddy content. Some of them wrote me such nice things that at some point we started texting me on Messenger. One of these people objected to me, we had similar interests and issues, and overall, I felt that this person fully understood what I was going through. We often called each other on Skype, played video games online, or just chatted all night. It went on like this for about three years before I finally convinced my mother to take me to the city where she lives. After talking to her for so many days, months, and years, I wasn’t the least bit nervous about meeting her for the first time in real life. We had a lot to talk about when we first met, and she was just as great on the internet as she was in real life. This whole experience made me realize that without social media I would never meet one of my best friends for whom I am strangely grateful. 

 On the other hand, I think the Internet can be a very hateful place. I have come across many bullying posts, hurtful messages, and generally horrible things that have been said about me or someone I knew. On the outside, it may seem like these things never hurt, but on the inside, there is always a part where we wonder if these things are true, and then we go ahead and reconsider. But the truth is, only what we think about ourselves matters. Most of the people who write hurtful things on the Internet are much more insecure and have to project them onto someone else. 

 I think the media has ups and downs, but everything has ups and downs. As much as I love my means of communication to make new friends, stay up to date and share with the world what makes me happy, sometimes I feel an immense amount of judgment and hatred, but then I realized what makes me happy is was more powerful than any hate.

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