Why I Heart My Media

Media have made my life easier and more fun. Thanks to it i can keep in touch with my family oly back home. we text each other and sometimes we also video call each other. I also keep myself entertained by using media. I stumble upon many funny videos and pictures andi also like watching movies on different platforms such as netflix. I tried to keep it simple because theres not much i could say other than media are everywhere and they are part of almost every aspect of my life. 

why i love my media

it’s sad to admit this but I am addicted to media. Every-time I get bored or have nothing to do my first instinct is to grab my phone and check my social media. Texting friends, watching movies and funny videos, tiktok, listening to music, reading celebrity gossip, entertains me a lot. I use media to distract myself from stress and loneliness and it is a lot of fun most of the time. I live very far away from my friends and I love using media to keep in touch with them and keep contact. Media is great entertainment but it has also created a lot of issues for me, the unrealistic body standards and “perfect life” portrayal by almost everyone has an impact not only on me but on many other young girls as well. When you see someone with a perfect body and perfect face and perfect life and starts comparing yourself to them it’s hard to like your own body and face and life. Yet, I am still addicted to the small dose of happiness I get from looking at a funny tiktok of a dog doing cute tricks or a a youtube video of a funny dude reacting to weird things people to online, I grain nothing from it other than a few minutes of laughter. I know a lot of people who are trying to use media less but it does’t really bother me how much I use it. I enjoy it a lot but I also hate it.

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Dear Media,

I used to think that you were like a parent to me. Now I realize you were always more of a babysitter, as you may not have been as influential as my parents, but at least you were always there.

I’m not even conscious anymore about when you started taking care of me, but my earliest memories of you are of the cartoons you used to show me when I was about 6 years old. Those were good times…

Then I grew up and everything got so complicated so fast. I moved to Germany and felt isolated by the culture and the language. To make matters worse, my relationship with my parents got worse and everything in general seemed to go to shit. But you were there, you were always there. You showed me FIFA and I spent every single second of free time I had on you. I also told you to play those YouTube videos I liked, you know what’s funny Media? I never actually listened to those videos. I just told you to play them, so I would hear another voice, it comforted me. 

Luckily for me that phase ended, but then our relationship got a little messy. I started to rebel against you. I tried to cut you out of my life and for that I’m sorry. 

Now we are in the present and I have realized that you may know a lot about me, but I actually don’t understand anything about you and I want to change that. I’m grateful for everything you have done for me, so it’s only fair if I try to do something for you.

Sincerely Yours,


Media is my comfort 

I often find myself turning to my media in times of distress and discomfort. I seek out to my media in these situations because I know that it gives me an immense sense of comfort when I need it the most.

The time when I felt unusually sad I could let my favorite show play as I tried to sleep, knowing that the silence would be unbearable. Even having my back turned away from my laptop, the sounds of the familiar characters together with the faint blue light slightly hitting my eyelids soothed my soul.

The time when I was nervously waiting for my date to arrive at the bar, I could aimlessly stare into my screen to seem as busy as I could possibly make myself out to be while waiting those excruciatingly long minutes, hoping I could soon put my phone away.

The time when I lived across the world from my family and felt incredibly alone, I could still hear my mothers voice through my headphones as she got more and more annoyed trying to figure out how to get Facetime to work. A smile swept across my lips when she finally showed up on my screen, and at that moment I felt a little bit less alone.

My relationship with my media is hard to put into words, but the word that stands out the most is comfort. My media is the thing that surrounds me as I let myself be immersed by its presence. Knowing it will always be there for me is a comforting thought. 

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oh my media

I love my media – I love that I can connect, interact and create with others. I have always been a collaborative person and media allows me to take this idea of working collectively to the next level. I can easily call my family and friends whilst being abroad, I can fall in love easily and I can speedily enact change.

But my media; it seems too good to be true – does it control me? Sometimes I feel trapped – like I’m trapped inside a VR video game. Everyone feels like they control or have full autonomy over themselves when immersed in and with media. However, that is not the case.

I have bad days. Everyone does. When I think media can be my form of escapism it instead reiterates the root of my insecurities, my unhappiness and my pain.

oh my media – you’re so beguiling and I hate that but I keep wanting more.

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10 things I hate about you

As I was thinking about my love towards media, I remembered a movie quote that perfectly described my feelings. Therefore, I decided to adapted the poem from “10 things I hate about you” :

I hate the way you look at me, And the way you disappear.
I hate the way you know my life, I hate it when you share.
I hate your perfect algorithm And the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me scared, It even makes me cry.

I hate the way you’re never real, I hate it when you fake
I hate it when you make me think, Even worse when you make me doubt
I hate it when you’re not around, And the fact that you didn’t load
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you, Not even close, Not even a little bit, Not even at all



As it is a known fact media is ubiquitous and we are consumed within it. Despite the fact that media comes in various shapes, I mainly interact with social networks, mobile phone, movies and newspapers.

Although I value newspapers and movies, I cannot elaborate on them any further considering the fact that I only employ newspapers to access the Italian journal and politics while I watch movies solely when I am resting. As the Latin poet Catullo wrote, I have a “odi et amo”[1] (love and hate) relationship with my phone because I am constantly with it, but actually it feels like I am wasting my time. So, if I was to answer the question why I heart media my answer would be because I (and everyone) cannot hate it. To further explain, when you hate something you ultimately try to stay away from it. Therefore, in these days, due to the companies, institutes and states, it is impossible to live without getting in touch with them. Furthermore, as Darwin sad in his most beautiful and well-known book the “theory of species” humankind like any other organism has a biological survival instinct to adapt to the current environment, hence we now learned to love Media because they have been placed in our lives without any choice.

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[1] Catullo, Carme 85 line 1https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiD1PeCjd7zAhUF-6QKHbAwAVUQFnoECAQQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FCatullus_85&usg=AOvVaw17kXTRF8Hkww0TVbvv0sVs

Why do i love my media?

To be honest the main factor is a serotonin boost i get when i see certain amount of likes and replies. Interactions with people and seeing them being interested in my tweets/ posts makes me more and more motivated to continue. I love the aesthetics of it and how different media bring different kind of content. For example instagram is some sort of art gallery for me, where i can express myself in creative way through photos. While on tweeter i mainly interact with people about my interests and therefore make friends. I think social media cannot be considered as solely negative or positive aspect, but it is important to be critical whether you feel comfortable to stay on one. I do wonder how this industry is going to develop in upcoming years, since it is already moving very fast. And what kind of steps can be done to make the use of it as harmless as possible. 

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Sinfull Love

For someone who is very pessimistic and dreadfull about the future of media, I sure do use it an awfull lot. 

Me pessimism is mainly rooted in a distrust of very rich and powerfull people. I honestly believe very few of them concern themselves with the best interests for the human community at large. Besides, I’ve read Frankenstein, I honestly do not understand the drive to create self thinkink machines that monitor our behavior. Thats like giving The Monster of Frankenstein an endless resevoir of knowlegde and removing his compassion enirely. After all, Frankesntein was in a way, human like. Not a cold thinking machine like we create. So alltogether, to put it simlply, I do not see a happy ending to this upwards spiral of machine and media evolution. 

Sure am happy i don’t need to refer to litirature for this blog, because if I would have, my statement would fall apart pretty quickly I fear, or perhaps hope. 

So about my love, I love movies, I love litirarature, I dislike youtube, I despise socail media. I do however use a lot of youtube, it stands between me and a total butlerian jihad on a personal level. Youtube provides easy, mindnumming content in wich I revel. I very much dislike the algorithms, the commercials, the way it so desperately tries to crack your brain and seduce you into watching more content and ofcourse, more commercials.
But It’s so very tempting. 

Maybe one day I will limit my usage of media to the things I love, and leave behind the things I hate. Maybe I wont, mayby I’ll embrace it and forget about my personal vendetta against the lean, mean, marching, learning-machine. 

You’re over my shoulder, I think I’m possessed 
Your constant undertone, is making me toothless
Times come to trim you out of my life
Gonna cut you out, baby, out of my life
– Blue Öyster Cult, Sinfull Love   

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